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    Keen Cleaning is a leading commercial cleaning company in Brisbane, providing professional and effective cleaning services to a range of businesses including corporate offices, industries, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. We have a well-structured system to provide customized cleaning programs to meet your needs, whether it is daily, fortnightly, monthly, or one-off cleaning. With a team of well-trained Brisbane staff, we transform your spaces to be spotless within the assigned time frame and budget.

    Whether you need commercial cleaning, retail office cleaning, or corporate office cleaning for your Brisbane spaces, Keen Cleaning offers effective bespoke cleaning services to promote a healthier working environment. Regardless of the business, you are dealing with, our commercial cleaners use advanced tools and techniques to perform a wide variety of cleaning. This includes cleaning of floors, tiles, partition walls, lighting, furniture cleaning, window cleaning, workstation cleaning, and other areas.


    To get immaculately cleaned interior and exterior office spaces, hire our Brisbane commercial cleaners to complete the task of office cleaning, corporate office cleaning, and commercial cleaning. We turn your untidy spaces into fresh and dirt-free environment. Your offices cannot be free from unpleasant smell if eco-friendly cleaning products are not used. These products render flawless and spotless cleaning for your office spaces.


    Industrial cleaning is a challenging task. Our cleaners are equipped with experience and expertise to competently handle different warehouse cleaning services. From cleaning industrial floors, front office, wiping walls, to warehouse cleaning, Keen Cleaning is aware of every nook and corner that demands cleaning.

    Our Brisbane industrial cleaning experts emphasize delivering a clean and refreshing environment at your facility. We adhere to high-quality safety standards to ensure that your employees are in good health. 

    Hire professional Brisbane commercial cleaners for your office cleaning, commercial property cleaning and body corporate cleaning services in Brisbane

    As the warehouse is used by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, customs, etc., to store merchandise, our warehouse cleaning experts implement appropriate techniques and systems to clean warehouses of all types and sizes.

    We are the best Business & Factory Cleaning Specialists

    Our commercial cleaners have constant access to office consumables like cleaning products, paper towels, sanitizers, and other necessary equipment. We also ensure that you do not run out of stock at your corporate offices, industries, or warehouses. 

    Keen Cleaning company has been delivering cleaning services for over 9 years by using an innovative approach to keep your offices refreshing each time.